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Arbitration: Exploring Creative and Effective Alternatives to Litigation

J Goldman Law May 7, 2020

For businesses and employees in New York, resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods can offer flexibility, a less formal setting than litigation in court, and offer all parties greater control over the final outcome. Furthermore, arbitration and other ADR methods tend to save a great deal of time and subsequently, money.

Understanding Arbitration and The Benefits of ADR

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Goldman, we look to help our clients understand all available options for resolving their legal issues. Arbitration is an increasingly common alternative to litigation.

In short, during arbitration, an arbitrator or arbitrators will listen to both sides of the issue, study the evidence presented by both parties’ attorneys, and then offer a solution. Essentially, the arbitrator acts as judge or jury as both parties present their cases.

Arbitration proceedings may be binding or nonbinding. When the decision is nonbinding, either party may opt to pursue litigation or other means of resolving the issue. The decision is only final in nonbinding arbitration when both parties are in agreement. In binding arbitration, the decision is usually final, although the court may review the decision in specific cases.

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