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Noncompete Agreements and Employment Contracts

J Goldman Law May 7, 2020

Contracts are a substantive part of any employer-employee relationship. They outline expectations, roles, duration of employment, reasons an employee may be terminated, and numerous other criteria, including restrictions on an employee’s ability to engage in a competitive business relationship with his or her employer (noncompete).

At The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Goldman, we represent employees engaged in employment contracts — from initial contract review and negotiations to contract disputes and litigation. With over 25 years of experience representing clients throughout the New York metro, we have handled all types of employment contract issues including restrictive clauses, nonsolicitation, non-disparagement and non-competes involving Wall Street executives, advertising agency executives, sales professionals, scientists, and others. These may include patent, trademark and intellectual property rights that may be restricted via a contract.

What Happens if One Party Violates the Terms of The Contract?

When it comes to employment contracts, the courts will often defer to the language outlined in the document. Essentially, both parties agreed to the terms and should be held to the language there in.

As your attorneys, we can review the details of your contract and identify enforceability issues or language that places you, the employee, at a significant disadvantage. We can also review language that:

  • Signs away property rights, trademark or patent rights

  • Prohibits defamation, libel or disparagement

  • Addresses noncompete agreements

  • Holds you to a confidentiality agreement

  • Prohibits you from working in a similar industry if you are terminated or leave the company

Whether you are about to take a new position and want to ensure you are treated fairly in your employment agreement, or have been fired or left a position and have been accused of violating the terms of a noncompete agreement, it’s important to work with a lawyer experienced in handling these specific issues.

In the case where you are wrongfully sued, we can recover your attorney fees.

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